Power issues in game

Hello! I have an unlisted wheel on dumb trainer and I’m using wahoo cadence and speed sensors connected to my PC via ANT+ dongle. The power setting in the game is set to Classic and ZPower is grayed when I have Unlisted trainer selected. How can I enable ZPower? In the game, I can be in my highest gear pedaling at 20+ mph and the game reads 60w and 5mph!

Appreciate any help. Rob

Hi @Rob_Kraker

You should unpair the power source. Select speed sensor and pick unlisted trainer.

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Hey @Gerrie_Delport

I have nothing paired to power. The trainer is dumb (No power or sensor). I have the Wahoo Speed paired as the Speed sensor(installed on rear hub), Wahoo Cadence paired as the Cadence sensor(installed on right crank arm), and Wahoo Tickr paired as the Heart Rate sensor. That’s it. All 3 sensors are new and work with the Wahoo app(when open and paired). Power in paired devices is grayed out as there is no power sensor. Thanks for any help.