Power instability on my trainer and performance

I’ve noticed with my Wahoo Kicker I CANNOT keep my power in the correct range while trying to do training workouts. When I view my friends images I can see a nice smoother green, blue or yellow line for their perfect power but I struggle in a chainsaw pattern to keep my power in the correct zones for the training. One slight shift in my leg and it will jump from 135W to 190 and then backdown to 120W when I ease up. Did I miss something on my Wahoo set up? I have ERG on but this makes no difference….

See my struggles this morning trying to keep my Power in the right zones…
Help appreciated!

What I notice when looking at your workout is that your cadence changes a lot. In ERG mode the trainer will constantly try to change the resistance in the opposite direction of your cadence, in order to try to keep the power constant.

Maybe you’re already doing this, as I have no video of you during your workout, but I would suggest just picking a single gear (something on the small ring, with a straight chain line), and a comfortable cadence, Andy then letting the trainer resistance adjust around that. If you try to ‘chase the power’ it will be a losing battle.

There is a setting for Wahoo trainers that enables ERG mode power smoothing. It makes pretty graphs at the expense of showing accurate power data. Basically when you turn it on the trainer lies about your power to make the graph look better.

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Thank you so much. That is exactly correct- I do not have the power smoothing mode on. Very interesting that it doesn’t make a difference in the actual Power so I’ll just leave it off!
And good suggestions about the gear changing. I do tend to change it when jumping from a low to high power and do notice the trainer adjusts slowly but perhaps I’ll try not changing it. Another good point you noticed- my cadence sensor has been giving me grief and not always connecting, and this might also be interfering with how it’s reading my power?
Thanks for the pro tips!

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The cadence reading communicated to Zwift doesn’t actually have any impact on your power (you can opt to not use cadence at all, if you choose), but your actual cadence does directly affect your power output, which is transmitted to Zwift.

when in ERG mode, you should not be changing gears

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