Power fluctuation with elite zumo


I bought a zumo yesterday and I am still getting into it, so it well might be my fault

I did the calibration both in the elite tool and zwift but I see the power fluctuating a lot, like 20w. I’m trying to be constant at a value, eg 170w, and it goes to 150, then 190, 170, etc…

I know instant power meter can vary a lot but I was expecting much smaller jumps, like 5w or so, not 20.

Any idea what might be the problem?


20 W jumps is normal IME. Turn on 3-second smoothing and it should even out a bit.

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Lol on my elite suito my power fluctuates like 50 watts in erg mode even if it feels even while maintaining the same cadence. Looking at the power graph after you can see that it might have a lot of noise, but it does a good job keeping close to the target watts.

Being in the smaller front ring and around the middle on the cassette helps even it out a bit (assuming erg mode), but other than that don’t worry about it.

I had a Tacx flow 2240 and I just bought this, I was not having that problem with that old model.

Why is that? Is it because the trainer is poor or is it the way it works?