Power Flatlines in Final Sprint

Hello fellow Zwifters,

My inner ‘Andre Greipel’ is being denied by Zwift! When I unleash my ‘fearsome’ final sprint on the C graders I get to about 700 watts and the power flatlines. Clearly it should continue to go up to a peak then subside (in my case very quickly). Has anyone else had this issue? Equipment details:

  1. Kickr 2017
  2. Macbook Pro running latest OSX
  3. Connecting direct to the laptop bluetooth sensors
  4. All Kickr firm ware up to date
  5. Latest version of Zwift

Screenshot of final sprint power graph

Any ideas?



Are you noticing this ‘flatlining’ anywhere besides the on-screen display? (e.g. in the Zwift post-ride summary or Strava recap?) I ask because the on-screen display you see at the bottom effectively has a ‘cap’. I’m not sure how it is determined, but if you go above this ‘cap’ the power still changes, it is just higher than what the screen will display. To put it another way, if the ‘cap’ on the screen is 600 watts (because the power graph is only allotted a finite amount of screen real estate) and you go over 600 watts for a minute the graph will show a ‘flatline’ for that entire minute, even though your actual power may have fluctuated between 601 and 2,000 watts during that time.