Is power capped in some events - Dirt Series for example?

Hi all,

Pretty new to Zwift still and new to racing so apologies if this is a dumb question.

Is your power output capped in some events? I’m trying to work out what happened in tonights Dirt Series race. I didn’t notice anything while racing but some of my data looks odd. Not sure if it’s my trainer that has the issue or the results presentation.

Firstly, my power curve in ZP shows an exact straight line at the exact same power for 16 seconds; that seems unlikely to me. This is then backed up within Zwift Racing where it shows my w/Kg for 5 seconds and 15 seconds as exactly 8.0; which again seems odd.

I did see someone else had a ‘Rating Floor Reached’ icon but I don’t have any such icon.

Just wondered if someone could explain what might be going on here please?

I’ve attached some screen shots to show what I’m babbling on about.


The live data seen in ZwiftPower, before the FIT file has been absorbed, is 30 second data. So it will not be accurate especially for short duration power. When you see a green lightning bolt for your entry in this event, that either means the FIT file hasn’t been uploaded yet, or your ride is private and not sharing the data with ZwiftPower. Lightning bolt turns blue when the full data is available.

EDIT: looks like it has already been updated. PRs all the way


Unrelated, but “Rating Floor Reached” is a ranking feature. ZR is a third party ranking app not operated by Zwift.

Ah, that would explain it - never seen it before.

Thank you for the explanation :+1:t2: