Power drop with new turbo?

I’ve swapped from a borrowed dumb trainer with speed sensor to a new and shiny Kickr Snap.

However, average power has dropped from 190W on my last ride on the dumb turbo to 134W on the new one.

I assume the difference is because the old one was heavily estimated and the new one is measured? Is there anything I’m doing wrong?

Hi @Andy_Drummond

I would say that is about normal. Some “dumb” trainers are more accurate than others.

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Ah - ok. Its been suggested elsewhere that the trend is more important than the number; if I redo an FTP test will that reset my FTP so I can see progress?

Before retesting you will have to lower your FTP. I would say put your FTP at 50% of the current level then re test.

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Stupid question - how do I do that?

Here is a helpful link: https://zwiftinsider.com/adjust-your-ftp/

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Thank you!

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