Power difference between riders

Hello, lately i noticed something on the stats of my group ride. I noticed that in the same group ride i needed around 200W average to keep up with the group as another rider only needed 160W. thats 20% difference!
Is this due to weight settings or FTP or how is this possible? the ride seemed quite flat to me.

Good morning Anthony.

Yes the weight does play a role even on the “flat” roads. The heavy rider need to produce more power.

FTP number does not effect your speed.

Possibly also depends on how much drafting you were able to do.

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O yes that is also a good point you can save some power by sitting in the bunch.

Adding to the other comments: Make sure you are not using the Time Trial bike. The TT bike can not take advantage of drafting effects.

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that seems about right, thanks for the reply guys. i will keep this in mind :smiley: