Watts and Power

I am New at ZWIFT so maybe I‘ve got really „cheap“ questions. If I Ride in a Group ride (not a race) C-Level I can’t hold on to the leader. But the leader says he rides with 2.6 w/kg, while my Power-Average is 3.5 w/kg (for my weight thats 215 watts). What is the reason for it?
Another question is, How can I get power-ups?
Sometimes I See the changing Signs in the Corner but I dont get any Power-ups…
It would be nice, if you can help me (beginnen):slightly_smiling_face:)

In game what bike are you on? The TT bike doesn’t draft so don’t use that in a group ride or race.

Is it hilly? Raw watts matter more on the flat than w/kg.

Are you staying in the draft? Losing the draft means you have to work a lot harder so you can put in 3.6 w/kg and never catch the group doing 2.5w/kg.

You might be getting a lot of the xp power ups. How many times have you failed to get a power up?

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TT bikes only get the xp “plus sign” powerup too, along with no draft.