Speed and watts

I need help please. I did a course and had 189 watts and ave 95rpm but someone with 60 watts less and 30 rpm less than me but they showed results as being faster than me 31km/h where I only got 29.9km/hr. How is that so (is weight or something else affecting this)? Than you

Cadence is irrelevant to this calculation.

Aerodynamics (use of draft, and type of bike) is very important. Also weight is very important.

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Just to add to Ben’s post…were you on a dirt route with a road bike, and they were on dirt on a mountain bike (makes a big difference)? Maybe you were on a TT bike not getting any draft advantage, and they were on a light road bike with aero wheels, or maybe you were both going up hill. Point being, there are many different scenarios on Zwift. Weight is a big one. I’ve noticed lighter riders kicking me on hills, but then I’ll catch up on flats and on the downhill. Part of what makes it (somewhat) realistic, but more importantly…fun (in my humble opinion). Check out Zwift Insider for bike comparisons and how to choose what bikes and wheels for different road/route scenarios. Ride On!

Or were they in a meetup with “keep everyone together” and being pulled by the rest of the group?

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I was on a road bike they were on a time trial. We were supposed to do a meet up but didn’t happen but ride same route. They do weigh a lot less than me

TT bike is more aero. So if you are both riding the same course and it’s not straight up a hill then he would put in less effort. With this you can sit on his wheel (road can draft off TT) which will mean you do less watts for same distance. However, he can’t sit on your wheel (TT can’t draft road).

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You would have the benefit of the draft. Do you weigh more than 35% more than the other rider?