Power Bands A D

Seems all I can manage is band D, too old and not fit :frowning:

Does this prevent me from doing most of the events which seem to be for fitter riders only?

Zwift’s new Group workouts feature works for everyone; for you and everyone else, the group works at exactly the right pace. 

For other events, you need to pick the ones that match what you can and want to do that day. There are events that call for effort at 1.7 watts per kilogram, and 2 w/kg, 2.5, etc. If a Zwifter wants to go 3.5 w/kg, they shouldn’t join those events.

Thanks, Steve.  Starting to get the hang of this “game” now.  Now I can just dream of reaching power level A. I did that FTP workout and boy was that hard even to keep 200W.

Ah, maybe if I use my wife’s eBike :)