Reverse Thinking

(J. ohnny.A WBR (D)) #1

So here is my issue, I am 250 lbs, and a fair cyclist, not a great one.  So, in Zwift, I just want to ride with the group.  I’m not out to win anything, just want to ride in a social setting and keep up, be able to draft etc.  What settings can I use to get myself in around the 3 watts per kg, so that I am not left stranded all the time.  I joined a coffee ride last sunday with 170+ riders, and when the flag dropped, I was in the last 5 guys within 50 meters.  Thats not fun.  Using a Tacx Vortex which I think also has inherent problems, but then setting wise their must be a way to level the field somewhat so that its close enough to keep the pace?

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #2

I think you should join an event that matches your FTP. I can fully understand that it is pretty annoying to get dropped during a group ride.

(Jason K) #3

I agree with Bastiaan - this is more about finding the right event. While you’ll improve over time, this will be the best way to still have fun while increasing your fitness level.

We’ve been discussing adding features like personal handicaps other riders can add to themselves for a more even playing field as well, so stay tuned and Ride On.