Zwift activities for amateur users

Please give more events for D category (up to 2.1-2.5 W/kg). I’m new rider and I have to recover every 2-3 days. Now I can start in about 1 event per few hours.

Yesterday I ride in Zwift - Primo Cycles Winter Ride, which was for D category, but leader ride with power over 3 w/kg…

Just use the ZML (Zwift Mobile Link) app and look for Sub 2 and sub 1.5 rides. Any group ride where the ride leader doesn’t stick to the advertised pace, just don’t do their group ride again. There are plenty where the ride leader will stick to advertised pace.

With ZML go to the events page and use the filter options and select group rides only and also have just the D grade or C & D selected. You’ll then only get lower w/kg group rides showing.