Post Update Not Working

First, all my devices:
Apple TV 4K (latest OS version)
iPhone 13 Pro Max (latest OS version)
Wahoo Kickr v5
Companion app
Stenzo steering
iPad Pro (latest OS version)

I wanted to do a quick SST Short workout. Thirty plus mins later, I still couldn’t do a workout. I attempted 4 times on the Apple TV. The resistance, AKA ERG, wouldn’t connect the watts reading was inconsistent on the Zwift and the Companion apps. I decided to switch to my iPad Pro. I had the same issue as the Apple TV. Then I decided to switch to a robo pacer ride. Different issue this time rode alone and never joined the pace group. I tried again, and the same issue. I deleted the Companion and Zwift apps from all my devices. I restarted all my devices. I restarted the Kickr. I disconnected all Bluetooth connections. I reinstalled all the apps on all my devices. The issue didn’t change. Overall I logged into Zwift 6 times, and maybe more I can’t count over 6. I sacrificed my Zwift hat to the “Get this ■■■■ to work.” I threw holy water on my bike and Kickr. I begged and pleaded for it to work. I still got a big ass bagel. Nothing!

Let me see, I did everything, but nothing worked. I don’t know how many times I’ve had issues with Zwift not working. As I mentioned, the highest I can count is to 6.

BTW, The length of time I wasted (30 minutes, that’s more than 6, damn). I wanted a quick workout but instead I got a quick headache. Do you use Agile/Scrum for your development cycle? If you do, you’re not Agile. If you don’t some other company is going to take all your customers away. Time will only tell

Sounds like you may have run into these issues

Welcome to my world.

After the latest update, I haven’t been able to use ERG. Lucky you you spent 1hr of your time. I have wasted 3 days doing all kinds of processes, reinstallations, troubleshooting, and so on, to the point that I just don’t do any workout because of the many hrs I waste on trying to make this thing work.

This is very frustrating. My situation is escalated to Swift official support, and all I got was an email saying “they’re gonna look into it”.

I’m going to see if this is updated or fixed. If not, I’m probably switching to some other platform, since workouts and ERG is pretty much my reason to pay for Swift.

Hope your issue gets solved.

Sorry to hear about your situation and the time you’ve spent trying to resolve. It seems Zwift doesn’t care about the paying non-professional riders. Zwift is putting all their $ and effort into the pro side of the business. These issues everyone is experiencing are easily fixable. Good luck.

I’m afraid if they were that easy to fix they would have been fixed. Unless you are a vastly experienced programmer with in depth knowledge of Zwift code it’s impossible to make such a sweeping statement.

The issues are identified and I’ve no doubt fixes are being worked upon.

I understand it’s frustrating for you and it’s had an effect on your training schedule but help calm and stay patient and I’m sure it’ll be sorted soon.

Zwift should have tested all the code on all platforms before releasing it. SW Dec 101.

You are aware of the number of possible combinations for devices on which Zwift runs and devices with which Zwift pairs, right?

I am well aware. I manage SW Dev teams and we seem to capture defects before it being released.

As per Nigel, Zwift covers multiple platforms and a multitude of hardware combinations.

It’s simply not feasible to expect every single potential issue to be captured especially when there are significant changes being made between updates.

I doubt that any reputable software developer would be able to capture all issues given the complexity of Zwift.

6 platforms: windows, apple (4), android and 4 are on the same platform. Wow that’s SO many to coordinate. Zwift knows about these issues before releasing. All SW companies do. Ask yourself why doesn’t it take so long between releases and code fixes? Zwift has had more Software issues for many years. what I’m experiencing isn’t the first time at this rodeo.
I had thought this forum would be different more supportive to find a resolution. I guess I was wrong to think differently. Btw apple, google, Facebook works on numerous platforms. They have problems but they step up to resolve instead of saying we’ll look into it.

You make it sound all very simple.

The thought that Zwift is releasing bug ridden versions in the knowledge that they are like that sounds alien to me.

There’s literally zero benefit to doing this. Reputation wise it’s borderline suicide.

I think the resources of Google, Apple & Facebook are many times greater than those of Zwift so of course they are able to dedicate more to testing.

Yes there are issues and they are being addressed. A little patience and understanding is the order of the day

Facbook/ META

Total Open Bugs: 24595
Resolved Within 30 Days: 56.02 %

Meta (formerly Facebook Inc.) has come a long way since its humble beginnings in a Harvard dorm room. The social network had 86,482 full-time employees as of December 2022 , up from just 150 people in 2006

I expect some bugs, but it seems like every Zwift release has an unreasonably large number of bugs, and there are usually some pretty significant ones. Each time a release comes out I think “what now?” I’m sure the testing is hard but what would really help a lot is a better release process that involves voluntary beta testing by people willing to do that, and ability for users to defer or roll back releases so they can stay on what works for them until the bugs are fixed in latest rather than waiting 2+ weeks to get access to the features they care about. Personally I keep Zwift installed on a phone and a tablet with automatic updates disabled, so that if my primary platform (Mac) is forced to update to a buggy release, I can still ride the old version. I would be happy to beta test new releases and not complain about the bugs if I could undo the upgrade.

And how many different trainers? And phone brands? And graphics processors? There are FAR more than 6 different options.

Also, iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS are all different. Similar, certainly, but still different.