Ponytail or pigtails? Where'd they go?

My girlfriend wants a ponytail or pigtails. We’ve seen other women with this hair. But they seem to have vanished from the hair customization? Is there a secret unlock code?

Hi David,

You should be able to locate a few different ponytail or bun options, but due to the helmets and hats, we don’t have any classic pigtail options. In case you’re having trouble finding the in-game customization menu, this article from our support pages has a walkthrough of the Avatar customization process.

Thanks… my girlfriend (and from other ride chatter) still would love pigtails…but I get it… they might be hard to model with a helmet. Any tricks for customizing with Apple TV…getting that trackpad to stop on a selection is really difficult… feels like spinning a roulette heel and hoping you land on the right selection!


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Hey David!

A lot of our AppleTV users will log into Zwift with a separate supported platform device like a computer or smartphone. This makes it a little easier to customize and transfers from platform to platform.

Yes… when I can I use a PC for making selections… sometimes in-game you cannot, such as trying to select a friend to ride with when you log on… then you’ve got to use the remote as far as I know.