Please Fix/Enhance the DRAFT logic

It has become a joke racing in Zwift. I was literally in a race yesterday doing ZERO watts and hanging in the middle of a large pack. I decide to punch it and break away doing 4.5 to 5 watts in front…the pack catches me doing 3.5 w.

So now every race is cruise for 5 minutes, sprint, hit a hill and drop some fatties, sit in and do nothing, sprint finish.

Please allow us to set the draft factor in race setup other than the incredibly poor choice of double draft, which is even worse than current state.

I want to setup races with .25draft and actually allow people to try and break away.

FYI I am 270 lbs so I can self-shame fatties.

This is the thread for you: Pack Dynamics 4 - Phase 3

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try the new pack dynamics:

Also, don’t body shame people, it makes you sound like a very intolerant person.