Player visibility

I am sorry if I am not in correct topic.

Please could someone explain to me who I see as a driver and which drivers see me in different situations?

If I am in some kind of event do people who are not in event see me? What kind of events can I participate in?

If I am in some kind of event do I see other people from some other event which I am not in?

I am interested in that logic, thank you very much!

Hi @Sre_Sac

This is a hard question to answer
It Depends on how the organizer setup the event. There is many options to choose like: see all riders, see only event riders, see only category riders.

Normally, when you’re in an event you only see other riders who are in that event. And not other riders free-riding in that world or doing other events in that world.

Similarly, when you’re not in an event (e.g. you are free riding), then you won’t see riders who are doing events in the same place.

That’s a generalisation, but it’s how things usually (but not always) work.

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Do you know if we are able to draft people we don’t see?
Sometimes my rider sits up when I’m alone.

What speed are you going when this happens? I think the avatar only gets ‘into the drops’ at speeds over 20 mph.

I’ll have to pay attention.
It’s almost hard to go slower than 20 mph on a flat in Zwift.

Thank you all very much for answers, you are bros!