Play controller tutorial

Zwift crashed part way through the play controller tutorial. On restarting, I can’t find it. It had been offered automatically. Where is it?

Here you go. QR code on inside cover of instruction booklet.

Thanks but this is not the tutorial that you get when you start using them. The tutorial I want tells you how to slow down and what the buttons do etc.

It’s contained within there but here it is.

I understand OPs frustration when I went through the tutorial I swore they said you could navigate back to it. My steering tilt buttons worked during the tutorial but not in game. It would be nice to be able to confirm that is still the case.

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It definitely said you could get back to it via settings but like you couldn’t find it

You have to start a ride, end it after a few seconds and then in the screen where you can save or delete your ride you have on the right (at least Apple TV version) “settings”. Click on it and then go to “controls”, at the bottom you will see the option to review the tutorial.