Pictures on Zwift

Morning all,

I tried taking pics on the main Zwift app and it didn’t work I was gonna try on the companion app but had no idea beware to start.

I cannot see the image upload screen setting on my settings. I am using a runpod device and using Zwift through Apple TV but I screen mirror my session as my Apple TV is an older version.

I have read Zwift Insider as well and just totally lost on what to do on the Companion app. I have few options on the ZC vs other screenshots I have seen.

Further to this I am trying to use ZC and Zwift on the same device and not sure I have connected ZC but lost on how to do this.

More questions than answers really and lost how to love this query forwards.

Looking for a kind soul to help please.

on companion if the phone is on exactly the same wifi network and not using cellular data it will show a map on the leftmost screen. You may need to shut off cellular data to force it to use wifi. At the bottom of the map are widgets. Scroll right and you’ll see a camera widget. Tap this to take a photo. I find it more reliable than via the main app on the ipad, unless my fingers are too sweaty for the touch screen. On the main app it’s challenging to get it to trigger.

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