Personal Records (PR) - option to select beyond 30-day timeframe - implemented June 2022

Any news on this? So many routes now I rarely see a 30 day PR.

If you are on Strava, most routes and KOMs have ZwiftInsider-created segments that record your all-time PR and allow you to look at the entire list of your performances, just as with real life segments.

I agree and would love to see Zwift implement this in-game, but I have found that to be a useful workaround, particularly as I am used to checking my outdoor PRs through Strava anyway.

We have a table to the left that flip flops between current best times (everyone) and personal 30 day times.

15 slots are available here, with the number of different courses available can we break the personal side into top 5 all time PB’s and some 30 day best times?

This ticks the box for our PB’s and it also allows a rider to concentrate on one climb/sprint over a month and workout accordingly.

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Easy and elegant solution that does not clutter the screen and don’t add alot of extra settings! I like it

Not sure if this was mentioned above, read some but not all replies to this feature request. Zwift needs to have a segment leaderboard somewhere, maybe through the myzwift website, linked to the user account, where you can see all the segments on Zwift i.e. sprints, KOMs etc. and the times of all the riders that have ever been through each segment. I would like to try and beat PRs on Alpe or the Hilly Loop or the Epic KOM or Leith Hill climb… but have take screen shots of times to keep records. Is there someway to create a leaderboard for segments like on Strava? It would be nice to see my times for every segment I’ve ever ridden through. I do not put Zwift rides on Strava so would like to see Zwift do something like this with segments in the future. Not sure why this feature doesn’t exist. Even the 30 or 60 or 90-day timeframe makes no sense - how do I compare from year to year? Can’t… Is there somewhere I can see my 30-day PRs?

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Strava already have all the segments look for the ones named zwift insider verified

Ya fair enough, but I don’t use Strava. Zwift needs a feature like this.

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I won’t hold my breath for that, Strava already does an awesome job with this.

Ok, so are you the official Zwift-dream-destroyer? haha. I have always thought this feature was lacking from Zwift.


No sorry just my personal opinion. With so many different things Zwift are doing, I guess duplicating something like Strava may be down on the list.


It is difficult to watch you PR on Strava in the middle of the ride, especially for sprints


I’m not looking at Strava when I come to the start of a Sprint or KOM. I’m looking at the Zwift PR board, which is usually empty.

And Strava is useless for the sprint sections since it only records to full seconds.

New to this forum and I like this idea. I am trying to figure out how to “vote” for features.

At the top next to the title of the thread you will see a number(148 right now) and under that you will see Vote.

Found the vote button at the top of this thread. I would think that should be in this box. Let’s try and make things user friendly/obvious.


Thx. Saw your post just after I figured it out. Is there a way to search only “features”. I saw a place for advanced searches but I did not see how to just search features.

One feature I am interested in is to be able to have new followers show up at the bottom of followers/following list instead of at the top. Or maybe to have favorites come up first. I tend to follow those who start following me but now the list is over 300. I have to scroll down to find those I personally know like my family members and friends. So what I do is frequently unfollow and then follow them again so they show up at the top. Annoying.

I try to provide ride ons via the companion app even when I am not riding and there is that new feature where you can hit up all riders that are actively riding. I like that.

My vote on this one too ! 30 day PR history is not even meaningless but someway ridiculous…

Ride on !

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I have chatted with a few mates and wanted to know if it was the general view as well. Zwift currently shows your PB or KOM in certain sections for only the last 30 days. Wanted to get feedback if you think it should have your best result there all the time. and potentially change the 30 days to per year. We thought it would be helpful to have your PB shown there all the time as you may not do a particular course every 30 days.

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now that strava has cut off leaderboards for the non paying/non subscriber, this is zwift’s chance to fill this void and work on it’s own versions of official segments, lap times, KOM’s etc. finally we will be rid of the thousand stupid segments… we put ZWIFT on your Zwift!! but please keep " i think this is where Anakin fell in" by the volcano…that one is worth keeping.
not my original idea, but this is buzzing around zwift insider and DCR pages right now.