Personal Records (PR) - option to select beyond 30-day timeframe - implemented June 2022

It has now been THREE years since this was first requested. There is simply no logical reason that this obvious and frequently requested feature hasn’t been implemented yet. I am starting to suspect there is a “business” reason… ie: Zwift has a deal with Strava, and the intent here is to “force” Zwift users to also use Strava. If Zwift were free I’d have no cause for complaint, but it’s not free. Rather annoying to be treated this way as a paid user.


It is now three years since it was requested… nothing.


I think the goal of short-term records is to answer the question: is my fitness improving or not? To answer this, I don’t necessarily want to know what I did a year or ten years ago (although these are also useful), but I may be more interested in how I’m responding to recent training.

The time constant for chronic training stress (Allen/Coggan model) is 42 days (default), which implies that fitness depends 63% on the prior 6 weeks of training, 23% on what happened between 6 and 12 weeks ago, 9% on what happened between 12 and 18 weeks ago, and 5% on more than 18 weeks ago. Only 51% is from the preceding 30 days. In other words, fitness changes slowly over time, which is why build periods last months, not weeks.

Given this, I’d think I’d be interested in results over at least the prior 18 weeks (which is responsible for 95% of my present fitness). That’s 4 months, not one month.

Another metric is to consider the number of KOMs in the game. I count 33 “KOM” or “sprint” Zwift Insider Confirmed segments on their list. If I want to make solid efforts at two per ride, I ride 5 times per week, and I want five results to appear on my PR list, then that’s 165 results divided by 10 per week = 16.5 weeks. That would also be close to 4 months.

So I’d put 4 months as a lower bound on how long people are interested in PRs, both from the perspective of how long it takes to build or lose fitness, and on the sheer number of segments in the game for even chronic users.


seems like an ideal addition to the companion app, with route details and past times.

30 day PB’s are now completely obsolete when you can ride 6-7 courses at any given time. It’s very rare that I cover the same ground twice in 30 days, but would want to know my 12 month or all-time record.


This feature together with the personal best bot. So you can ride against your best time and even see it!
Gosh how simple could it be …


+1 from me on this, I’m a two-month new Zwifter and am surprised this feature does not exist. Even if I have been focusing on some specific routes, it’s always interesting to have as much data as possible available (over 30 days). Within a month I might do the same route a handful of times, so why not show more data there? There’s essentially no reason not to, as far as I’m concerned.

An overhaul of this feature combined with the PR bot would make a lot of sense

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At 58 I’m not really interested in KOM records from riders more than twice as fast as myself. It would be nice to always see my own PR instead.

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3 years since this post started, but I’ll still ask - Please add this feature! I subscribed to Strava premium basically just to see my past times for routes and segments, as well as the details with it, like power, cadence, heart rate, relative effort. Seeing my friends or strangers times is great motivation and fun too. Zwift has all that data, like it shows you on the results screen at the end of a ride. I would love for all my past rides data to be available in Zwift. After getting Strava premium, it’s like my Zwift subscription cost has doubled, just so I can see past times. I think it’s that helpful, or entertaining at least.

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very obsolete, often even the 30 day PB isn’t even shown on a group ride,
very obvious on the tedious 3rd climb of the epic KOM where the previous weeks times were not shown.

On several Group rides recently i’ve found that my PB ( in the last 30 days… why can’t this be extended to longer?) for a sprint or KOM is not showing.

The was made very obvious on the recent ToW where my best time for the epic KOM was never shown despite being ridden 3 times in the previous stages.

As the number of courses and routes expands, I don’t ride the same climbs as often, so frequently, my previous times have been erased. Please keep them indefinitely, or for at least a year, etc.

For example, If I only ride the Epic KOM once a month, every time I ride it, my previous times chart has been erased.

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I completely support this. I have the same thing as you where I often don’t ride a given route more than once in 30 days, so the “30 day PR” isn’t helpful.

One side point, however, is if PRs are held indefinitely it should be possible to clear them. As I get older, maybe I’ll never be able to hit my PR from 5 years ago again. It’d be more motivational to be able to reset them and set a new bunch of PRs to work against.


quarterly decay perhaps + reset option.

Perhaps Zwift could reset the PR’s every 30 days, i don’t mind that. But leave all of the times there too. I can never remember what a good segment time is for particular climbs.

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Totally agree with this request - having 3 month and 6 or 12 month PRs in addition to the 30 day would be much appreciated.


As I lighter user of Zwift, I don’t get to ride against my PB’s they’re erased before I can repeat many courses.
Can I therefore have a discounted subscription rate or please stop erasing my times, so I am not penalised for using less server time ?

I know this isn’t the best solution as Zwift should just fix this but if you use Strava and go through some of the workouts in zwift you can hide all the nonsense segments that everybody makes and only leave the (Zwift insider) ones marked as un-hidden. Then Bookmark them. That way it will only show you these achievements on your ride instead of the 300 or so useless ones. I spent a good amount of time tonight doing this and I now have all the zwift KOM’s on my bookmarked page. Before i head on a route i just do a quick check on my bookmarked segments and can find my last PR in a matter of seconds.

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What do you notice in this image?

That’s right: 31 days and no Richmond.

Surely this is a strong argument against limiting PRs to the past 30 days? Because for any Zwifter who uses the game as intended, 30 day PRs on Richmond are now guaranteed to be wiped next time it comes around, no matter if they even Zwift every day.

Yes, I know the “world hack” means someone can ride Richmond if they choose. But I suspect the majority of Zwifters follow the schedule and don’t want to edit the prefs XML or install a third party app in order to choose a world. That’s even if they can, and we know that Apple TV and Android users can’t (AFAIK). Thus “as intended” means the way Zwift want us to use the game – following their schedule.

So, for me the addition of New York supports the duration of PRs being extended. And world-changing from within the game. After all, there are now five worlds competing for a slice of the action. So even if we just stick to a schedule I’m sure there will be other instances when a given world isn’t available for more than 30 days.


I can’t think of a reason to automatically clear PRs. I’m new to Zwift this winter. I expect to let my membership lapse over the summer and when I renew next fall, I think I’d like to see my old PRs.