Personal Records (PR) - option to select beyond 30-day timeframe - implemented June 2022

Yeah, you’re going to have to bear with me, I’ve only been here for 6 weeks and still finding my feet.

But I’d like the above also.

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I’d like to add “Won’t do” to that too. There must be plenty of requests that Zwift simply feel don’t meet their vision for the platform, and being told that will help us know where we stand.


So what’s the status? :slight_smile:

I would like this to be user-configurable, I would like mine to cycle between one month PB and all time PB.
Would also be great to see how I am currently doing against those times like in Strava live segments.

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when i signed up far fewer features and routes were possible. many of the “upgrades” have made thing worse !

With more and more routes 30 day is just worthless. All time PB would be much better.

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that would be perfect.

Can’t remember if records are held client side in which case should be super easy for a developer to update.
Server side a bit more complex but not something that should of taken 4 years.

So many quick wins zwift could do I hope the new UI if we ever see it has some good things.

I have been wondering the same. I would like to see all my rides categorized by route and the times I did for the routes without it ever being cleared. Was looking for this option but apparently it isn’t in Zwift. Would have thought it would have been on the companion app at least but no. Kinda weird that so many people want this for so long and that it hasn’t been implemented.

STRAVA does it so it cant be that hard.

With the increased number of worlds and routes it too easy now for personal records to expire.

May as well retire this post - it’s a 4 year old topic, with universal support, that hasn’t been implemented. 30 day PBs are even more of an irrelevance now with the huge number of world/route combinations.


@James_Zwift could we get a comment from Zwift? The 30 Day PR is essentially useless and has been for years. From the outside it doesn’t seem like a big task to change it to Lifetime, or something useful…

I’ve flagged it internally, but I don’t have anything else to share with you currently.

I was just going to ask this as well.

In my case: I really like the Hilly Route as it kind of mimics the most iconic route here in Vancouver: Stanley Park Loop. Similar distance/time to complete. Hilly; one large hill along with a few smaller hills. And very scenic.

I almost have my time(s) memorized. But still… sometimes I just don’t get around to doing it every 30 days.

Has this been implemented everywhere now? I noticed it on Fuego Flats earlier, but I hadn’t noticed it in patch notes and a quick search didn’t show anything up.


What can you expect from the next release?

The next release - released 8 Jun 2022 as v 1.26 - includes:

  • Personal Record Data: we will be increasing the amount of time your PRs on leaderboards are shown from 30 days (current) to 90 days. We hope for this to be the crucial first step in allowing you to have more agency over what data you show when Zwifting.

Great, thanks! Interesting it wasn’t mentioned in the Jun 8 update post.

Guess I can close this as now implemented! \o/


Yep, it’s out to everyone know. We rolled it out incrementally originally but everyone should see it now.