PerfPRO, Zwift, Computrainer

This is my current setup:

There are THREE usb ant+ dongles. PerfPro uses one to receive (which I do not use), one to transmit, and one is ignored (which is used by Zwift).

I run PerfPro, and have it control the computrainer. I then turn on the option “simulate power meter” in PerfPro.

I run Zwift, and it does recognize the “power meter”.

When I start pedaling, the wattage comes out on PerfPro correctly.

However, Zwift reads it grossly incorrectly. I know it can pick up a signal, but the wattage jumps from 0 to 500 to 2500 to 0 in a few seconds (and stays at 0 if I continue to pedal). Then when the [physical] wheel on the computrainer stops, it does it again: 0 to 500+ to 2500+ to 0. One *slight* pedal, and it does the 0 to 2500 spiel again (if I do this in the sprint part, I’d probably cover that in just a few seconds!)

Am I doing something wrong? It seems that Zwift is not reading the output of PerfPro correctly.

(PerfPro is transmitting the power data through one USB ant+ – it is simulating a power meter. But Zwift is not reading that output correctly.)

When you run TrainerRoad with the CT you just let Zwift pick up the signal from TR (trainer relay) and then Zwift will send those figures to your CT and will adjust your avatars speed according to the terrain on screen.

I would imagine PerfPro will work the same. It might be you getting PP to control the CT that is causing the issue?

I am quite interested in this. I just posted the following on the Zwift Riders Facebook page. Thoughts? 

I am eager, with Fall & Winter approaching, to find a way to have PerfPro and Zwift play nice together. I tried this on Saturday. Two ANT dongles. PerfPro controlling my Kickr. And Zwift reading from the Kickr. I turned the trainer control from Maximum to Off. The power between PerfPro & Zwift seemed to track reasonably well. This may be a viable option to ride my structured workouts on Zwift this winter. Video attached. Sorry, it’s a little jumpy as I was holding my phone documenting it.

Also, I just found out that PerfPro has a power simulation mode. I would like to maybe experiment with that. Has anyone tried this? Would I need 3 ANT dongles (one for PerfPro to control the Kickr, a second for PerfPro to transmit as a power meter and a third for Zwift to pick up the power data transmission from PerfPro?

I’d appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!