Zwift and PerfPro on Kickr

Hi all,

Pictures first - during warm up phase

Got a second ANT+ stick last night and tried to have a little fun. I was doing some off the bike strength work last night where I also ride at a certain percentages of my FTP before, between and after the off bike work. I use PerfPro to build my workouts and control the Kickr in Erg mode. Thought it would be fun to be able to ride on the “island” while doing this to help pass the time. So I fired up Zwift first and then fired up PerfPro and initiated the workout.

It seemed to work. Sort of. Starting out everything looked good. At some point though it seemed that, perhaps, Zwift and PP were fighting for control of the Kickr. This manifested in short power reading drop outs. They didn’t last long enough to go to the pause screen but they were frequent. And it seemed that they happened a lot of times when someone would pass me and I’d catch little draft. Or with significant grade changes. In the end, the data between Zwift and PP was comparable. However, in the end my average power (and therefore training stress) was a fair amount lower than it should have been. I calculated that the average power should have been about 157W and it ended up at about 144W. I’m sure this is from the frequent power reading drop outs.

I have to figure out if I can get this to work better or if the less accurate data is worth running them together so I can do my erg type workouts on the island environment. Anyway, just thought I’d share my experience. Any thoughts?

Sounds cool. Looking forward to reading what you find.

I have a Kickr and a crank based power meter.

What I have been doing is using my iPad to control the Kickr via Bluetooth and set the resistance and then connect my PowerMeter to Zwift via ANT+.

This works fine as I don’t have 2 programs on my PC fighting for control of the Kickr.

I can’t see a way of hooking the Kickr up to 2 programs as both programs would fight to control the Kickr.

I think this may solve the matter: