Performing Zwift Bike Calibration crashes Zwift on Apple TV

Hello, this morning, Zwift crashes on my AppleTV while trying to perform a Zwift calibration. I tried restarting all components. Zwift crashed 3 more times and was unsuccessful. I have a newer AppleTV (last 12 mo) with the latest firmware update, a Saris H3 trainer with the latest firmware and iPhone 11 Pro with the most recent Zwift Companion version. Anyone experiencing the same issue?

Hi @JNeve

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Use the SARIS app for calibration.

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Thank you Gerrie for the suggestion. I performed the Saris calibration successfully this morning in the App after Zwift crashed on my Apple TV. I am hopeful that Zwift will read my post and and come up with a code fix so Zwift doesn’t crash for me and others when running the calibration from within Zwift.

They are aware of the issue and working on it.

Oh good!

Does Zwift post issues they are working on? I searched the forums before posting and didn’t find anything related to my issue. Maybe I missed it.

No they don’t post what they are working on.