Pedal stroke analysis

I love the fact that the training sessions talk us through good pedal technique but it would be great to get some stats or the visual 8 diagram to see how the stroke is and gets better over time.

I believe you have recorded the info in order to calculate the cadence, so it would be cool to have access to the data.

I’d like to get a better pedal stroke. I believe the zwiftly gods can help me. Oh please.

I don’t think all smarttrainers or pedal meters have this technology. If i remember correctly, the TACX NEO doesn’t have it, only TACX NEO 2 or newer.

Main issue is that the data file .FIT doesn’t save that information and the information send to the Zwift servers are raw time/wattage data. I guess that the pedal stroke analisis is privative technology and specific for every manufacturer.

By the way, i never used the 8 diagram from my NEO:

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It would also open up the debate wars for “what is good pedal technique”. Even a pro level it’s debated.

Thanks. I wasn’t sure what the interface is between the trainer and Zwift - I thought the FIT format was for the summary and that the stream during the ride may be different and richer. But if it’s just FIT then you may be right…I may need to go Wahoo.

They already give you advice in the tutorials so I guess the war has already begun without anyone noticing? Scary :slight_smile:

Would be cool to have, at least for the trainers that do support it.