PDF Receipts

I too need a valid receipt for work reimbursement - please add this feature!


2 years later I am still not able to present in my company the sports expense for zwift, please we need option to print PFD monthly subscription fee invoice. Isn`t this against the law?


PDF Receipts, YES PLEASE!!!


Zwift!!! Please add this functionality. This is the only thing holding me back from renewing my subscription.


@Zwift please add this basic feature : one receipt for each payment, with VAT mentioned. Need it for the Accountancy department for reimbursement. This is basic feature for ecommerce service/company.


Please add PDF receipts, as many other people in the thread my company is giving me reimbursement and I need to present the invoice. Could it be possible to get it soon? From a business perspective this seems a priority, this is holding people back to get subscriptions and it’s not a huge feature. so pretty please?


Another vote for accessing a billing statement. Please implement, many of us appear need a legitimate receipt. Thank you


Missing of this feature could be the reason for me to switch to, for example SYSTM (Sufferfest), where you get an receipt when paying.

Please implement this feature so that we can claim imbursement from our employeer.

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And another vote from me as well

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One more vote for this feature! I hope it will be done soon enough… Thnx

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You know, Zwift is being STUPID for not having provided this feature.

I can get reimbursed through the entire year by my company, if I could get receipts for my payments. Since I cannot, I religiously pause my service through the outdoor riding months, denying Zwift income. Zwift would be making money off me 12 months of the year instead of just 3-4.

How are they so blind to this opportunity? A paying-but-not-using customer is pure profit; no server load, no bandwidth usage, just pure income.

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I would be happy to pay for zwift accounts for my workers and myself. They are missing out on a lot of income by focusing too much on B2C, it seems to me.

Same here, come on Zwift! Please implement this feature… Customers are waiting a few years already.

+1 to receipts for Zwift payments. company refunded with proof of payment only!

Is Zwift reading this? I still cannot find this. Anyone any luck? I think it even isn’t legal to not provide payment receipts?

2+ years after my initial request and I’m still surprised and disappointed that Zwift hasn’t implemented as simple a feature as having access to PDF receipts.

As others have pointed out, isn’t it a legal requirement for a digital service provider to provide a proof of payment receipt? If it isn’t illegal, shouldn’t it at least be viewed as a common customer service courtesy?

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Looks like I will switch to Rouvy instead since they claim "Add the payment method and that’s all! The invoice will be sent to your email address. ".
It’s a shame because I think Zwift is a better app…

Absolutely I also need a pdf receipt for company reimbursement !!

Two years and nine months later…

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