PC monitor for Apple TV?

Was thinking of using apple tv for Zwift but don’t have a spare tv set where the trainer is set up.

Can you use a PC monitor instead with the apple tv box (assuming its an HD monitor)?

I’ve got that set-up, ie Apple TV 4K box + HD monitor + Hdmi between the two, and it works absolutely fine. Bear in mind that most monitors don’t have sound though, which may /may not be an issue. I got a monitor with inbuilt speakers and whilst they certainly wouldn’t do justice to a Christopher Nolan blockbuster they are plenty good enough for the sounds in Zwift.

Thats what I was hoping. Thanks

I bought a TCL Roku TV that has a headphone jack, since the PC speakers I use has a remote volume adjuster. That way I’m not fumbling for the TV remote to adjust the volume.