Paypal now requiring credit card

(David Forchelet) #1


Used to be able to pay with my balance on paypal but now it requires a credit card (which I dont have) after a month of freezing my account.


Have you changed your requirements?





(Paul Allen) #2

I haven’t tried it, but this might work:

(Einhard Janke) #3

New to Zwift but same problem. Want to pay with Paypal, but the balance cant be used. Any suggestions?




(Wesley Van Dievel) #4

same issue

(Mark D'Sylva) #5

I’ve been paying monthly from PayPal, and never had a credit card connected.   My wife was also paying for her zwift account the same way, her account was suspended after the $60 I put in her PayPal was used up.   Today she went to pay using her PayPal account and got the same request for a CC!    We will won’t be connecting a credit card to her account, so possibly she won’t be using zwift any longer.     I’ll be interested to see if zwift actually wants her money

(Mark D'Sylva) #6

So the three people who asked about Paying with PayPal have not received any answer?