Pay it forward weekend

We all now how it is. Your are just so tired, your legs are screaming up at you to stop, even if you have told them to shout up several times. The sweat is dripping down on your bike. Your vision starts to get blury. It is only 3 km left of the race and you are still in the peloton.
Then you hear a smal “pling” and you see a large thumb from above, comes flying down your pocket. And a name glitter at the top of your screen. A fellow cycling friend says “GoGoGo!” by giving you a ride on. Suddenly you feel the urge to say “thank you!” and you just put in that extra grear, bring up the cadence, and bring that new energy into the pedals, producing more watts. The last 3 km fly bye, and you do a lot better then you did last time! You podium!!!
Some times those “Ride ons” can mean the difference between just riding and giving it your best. To cheer for your fellow Zwifters, means you want them to succsed, to become better. And you will get it back in carma. And why not in points?
I suggest a “Pay it forward” weekend, where you for every 10 “ride on” given to fellow Zwifters, you receive 10 points your self.
Some of us will never be the fastest cyclist, but maybe it was our “ride on” that made the fastest go so fast!
Give the world some love and some ride on!