Pause your membership page under maintenance [November 2022] [SOLVED]

The Pause Your Membership webpage is currently under maintenance. I’ll update this thread when this option is fixed.

A workaround is to cancel your membership. You can resume your membership without losing any progress. See this Support Hub article for cancellation instructions for whichever method of payment you’re using.


The Cancel Membership page isn’t working either, error 404.

Can someone at your end cancel my membership before I get billed on the 14th?

Otherwise, I’ll order my bank to refuse payment

Same issue here. Unfortunately your workaround doesn’t work! The page will redirect me - it’s IMPOSSIBLE to cancel my account! A “cancellation-page” must work always! I always have to be able to delete my account! You have two choices:
1 - you will immediately delete my account …or
2 - you will immediately provide me a working solution, how I delete my account
… if you won’t provide any of them, it speaks against the European regulations - this should be clear!!! … and in this case I have to get a help on OTHER WAYS!

Try contacting support

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sooo nice …

Guys this issue is a joke.

I’ve been a zwift member since 2014-2015. Always been paying but my account was in USD.
I couldn’t change the currency myself so I contacted support. Support told me the known procedure to change the currency → Oops, we’ve hit a snag. The lovely support employee decided to cancel my account and said when it runs out you can change it.
Well here I am stuck without zwift account…
I’m not sure if it was support employee 8 or 9 that did it…
Anybody around that’s willing to help???


The issue with the Pause Membership and Cancel Membership web pages have been resolved. Both options are now working as expected.