Pairing with bkool

why wont it pair with bkool trainer>Pairs with bkool but says bluetooth turned off

Hi @bruce_nelson

Shuji @ ZwiftHQ here. Looking at your recent sessions on our server logs, and I’m seeing that your last successful session was Feb 12. You updated the game app several days prior to that, so I don’t think the game update broke anything.

Yesterday and today, I see a series of logins but none of the sensors bonded, as you know. Did anything change on your end? Was there a Windows OS patch? If so, would you roll back to before Feb 12 and let us know the result?

Here’s the how-to from Microsoft.

I have done all that.I can log in and pair with bkool wih no issues.Says myblue tooth is not turned on but I use ant

That’s a puzzler. If the game update didn’t cause a problem and a Windows OS wasn’t it, then what else changed?

  1. Does removing the ANT+ dongle, rebooting the computer and reinserting make any difference? Maybe try inserting the dongle in a different USB port?

  2. How does this work over Bluetooth?

No nothing seems work

I’d like to have you email us the log files on your Windows machine. The logs on your end will tell us what’s happening when things don’t connect and upload to the server.

Instructions to locate them are here.

There’s 3 different types of log files: computerspecs.txt, launcher_log.txt and Log.txt. There should be roughly a dozen all tolled. Would you send them all as an attachment to

In your email, please reference my name and link to this forum thread so you don’t have to rewrite the reason you’re sending them.

: computerspecs.txt, launcher_log.txt and Log.txt.

it wont connect with Bluetooth either it will find my garmin heart rate moniter though