Can't connect to my BKool trainer

(Ulrik Vadstrup [DBR]) #1

I bourght a used BKool 2015 trainer pro.
When swift serches. it’s able to fin my Ant+ hartrate strap, but not the trainer.
I quite sure the trainer has been updated, as it dosen’t popup with a firmwhare update, and there is a ant+ icon beside the trainer and heartrate strap in the parring settings (BKool).

The trainer seems to have Ant+ support. I have no problems in the Bkool software connecting to trainer and strap.
See attached picture.

Any ideas why Zwift will not connect ?

(Ulrik Vadstrup [DBR]) #2

I’m using Mac and OS 10.10.5 I might mention

(E inundsiebzig) #3

Have you updated the trainer with ANT+ FE-C?



(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #4

Hi Ulrik,

We have a complete article on how to connect your Bkool trainer to Zwift. I highly recommend going through our Knowledge Base as it contains a ton of information and answers :wink:

For the record, here is the specific article:–Setting-up-a-Bkool-trainer-with-ANT-FE-C

(Mishun H.Sugworth) #5

connect everything up

launch BSim software

go to Settings/About

under the Sensors tab it should read trainer firmware v3.06 or higher
(mine just says v.3.06)

if it doesn’t it’ll need updating. email bkool support if unsuccessful:

(Josh Lewis) #6

To the right of the trainer, in your screenshot, just to the left of the check mark, click the open space.  A box will appear where you can check ant+fe-c.  It’s invisible at first.  Took me a while to stumble upon it.  Then your trainer will work with swift.

(Ulrik Vadstrup [DBR]) #7

Ok, Thanks.
I sold my Bkool though and got a Kickr instead.

Maybe others can benefit from this.