Pairing toorx 700


I having problems Either pairing my Toorx SP700 ( has Bluetooth) with the Zwift.

Is there a problem with that.

Just bought Two bikes ti a School for Racing against Rachel other and motivation In the game.

I am not seeing that bike as being supported by Zwift:

If it does broadcast in Bluetooth, make sure that it is not connected to any other device or app (this includes the device you are running Zwift on) since Bluetooth only allows on connection at a time.

It has Bluetooth.

Can it be paired ?

I don’t know, it’s not on the supported trainer list and there is nothing on their website that says it’s Zwift compatible.

Hoi, ik weet niet of het koppelen met je toorx 700 gelukt is… maar ik heb het zelde probleem met mijn toorx srx 500… koppelen met Kinomap geen probleem.