Pairing HRM for first use

(Mike Hall) #1

Just setting up for the first time…

Elite Muin trainer

Elite Misuro ant+ sensor

Elite ant+ dongle in extension

Garmin HRM3SS & new battery

Ant+ picks up Misuro instantly for power/speed/cadence but search for HRM returns nothing, multiple reboots/Zwift open & close with no change. HRM known to be fully functioning from HRM to Garmin 1000…any pointers as I cannot find anything meaningful or directionally supportive on the knowledge base?

(Gerrie Delport) #2

Can it be that the HR monitor is just to far from the ANT+ dongle?

(Mike Hall) #3

Thnx Gerrie, tried moving ANT+ even to the extent of hooking it under the HRM…no joy so far I’m afraid

(Gerrie Delport) #4

O no. That is not good news. I wonder if it is not a compatibility issue with the ant+ dongle. Does the elite software connect to the HR strap?