Pairing CycleOps 300pro

I can pair my CycleOps pro300 stationary bike with Zwift even though all the research I’ve found says it should not work. Pre 2015 Cycleops is not true ANT+ and this is a closed system).  But Zwift does not register the cadence.  Strangely it used to, now it does not.  I checked with the CycleOps head unit and Cadence is still transmitting.

Zwift does not support the CycleOps Pro300, so Zwift pairs as a CycleOps Bike 38700.  The power numbers are right as I compare to other data sources, so I ride with this. 

All my on line research says this unit should not work at all - so I guess I have a better work around than expected.  BUT - I would love to get cadence back.

Any advice?

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John. I am looking at getting a 300 second hand. Do you still use yours to connect to zwift and did you have to do anything special to get it working? Apart from no cadence any other limitations?

I know this is old, but anyone who finds this may benefit from knowing that there are stand alone cadence meters (Wahoo makes one) that can be fit to the shoe or crank arm that do work with Zwift, and can be used in conjunction with the pro300.