Paired to treadmill, but no movement [October 2022]

Have a bowflex216 I can pair with the game but when I start it the avatar won’t move… I deleted the game from my pc( it was working there originally) I deleted from laptop (currently using it for the game) and reinstalled, updated the game and still nothing. On the cycling world all is normal. Can’t figure this out… need help

To confirm: this is the BTX 216 treadmill?

Can you post photos of your pairing screen in Zwift, as well as what you see when in the run?

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This thread may also be of help - I’m not entirely sure if your problem is the same but wouldn’t hurt to check in with @Rowdy from Zwift on that thread, or, hit-up support.

Yes it is


OK, you’ve got it paired but the top left of the game screen is a hint: “Connection Failure.”

If you’ve EVER had ANY other device paired to your treadmill (phone app, whatever) it’s possible something is attempting to take over the connection. I would advise starting with that - remove device pairing on every other device and app you’ve got. (go so far as to shut other devices down completely)

I’d also advise trying ANT+ if it’s supported by the treadmill since you’re having issues with Bluetooth. Alternately, remove the ANT+ dongle from the device running Zwift and just use BLE. (off chance ANT+ is causing interference)

Also worth jumping into the thread Dean linked to.

Beyond that, I’m going to have to tap out and let someone with more experience diagnosing connection failures jump in.

The linked thread has all the answers. The date the treadmill was paired on seems to be the key.

I imagine uninstalling and reinstalling the app effectively means you lose any previous pairing history.

Hello there,

We have confirmed this bug and are investigating.

For all affected users, this may be an issue caused by multiple connections, as @Otto_Destruct called out. A common workaround for this is to disable bluetooth on any devices unnecessary for your Zwift activity and force close all apps that have connected to the treadmill.

Additionally, I’d like to recommend (safely) powering down and unplugging your treadmill to allow it to forget previous connections. Then, while on the Zwift pairing screen, (safely) plug in and power on your treadmill.

I will update with any further tips and news from the developers. Please continue to post or reach out if the provided workaround helps or not.

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@Rowdy is there any update to this? I haven’t been able to have my Bowflex BXT216 treadmill to broadcast my speed while using my PC (Win 11) but weirdly enough it will connect and broadcast speed if I run it through my AppleTV Zwift app.

I also tried to connect the Bowflex BXT216 to my PC by bridging through companion app. It will connect to the treadmill but it won’t broadcast the pace.

While I have a (temporary) workaround, use AppleTV, I’d prefer not to do that as the graphics suck compared to my PC.

I still have this issue. I don’t have any other Bluetooth programs or devises… very frustrating as I purchased this treadmill just because it supposed to be compatible with zwift…

Hi Rowdy. I can’t use my Bowflex BXT326 anymore on Zwift. Same issue as all the above. It used to work well, but just stopped. Zwift picks up the treadmill, but as soon as I want to run, the avatar does not move and I get the Disconnect message. Can you help?

Hello @Wihann_Groenewald, I moved your post over to this thread, as your description best matched this known issue. We’re still working on a fix for this, as the issue does not seem to apply to all devices. For some, the workaround is to unplug your treadmill, open Zwift, then plug the treadmill back in while on the pairing screen.

If you open up a ticket with Community Support, we’ll be happy to look into your specific setup and make sure whether there are any additional options.

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