Pain effect rage!

For the love of god, why every time you update the app does the pain effect setting default to on??? Is it not possible for the app to remember your preferences in the year of our lord 2024. F**king joke

What are you running the game on? This is not my experience on Mac or Windows.

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Hi @A_sh_S_RAFCA welcome to the Forums! I’m Norman from Zwift. This is certainly not the intended experience, checking the devices you use on your account, may I know if this happens in every single device you use or just one in particular? Can you also share the model?

Everyone, if you’re also having an issue with your personal settings remember you can always update them in-game, take a look at this article for more information.

Apple TV HD (TVOS 17.4) and same happens on Android tablet (Samsung galaxy A8)

Hmm, losing settings is a common problem on Apple TV so that’s not a surprise. I haven’t heard of this on Android. Probably a good idea to open a support case.

PC and Android here and have never had this problem

Sounds like particular to those devices, it doesn’t occur on MacOS version.

I have Apple TV though so I might check that this afternoon. Definitely worth raising a support case.

Also consider the possibility that you are 100% correct about the Apple TV which has known flaws, but perhaps mistaken about your settings history on the Android device. If that were the case your report would be an expected outcome. Not saying that’s the case, just something to consider.

I would try resetting the Apple TV (to factory default) and reinstalling Zwift and other apps. This will very likely stop you losing settings changes.