Pack Dynamics v3?

Has anybody seen the new ‘school of fish’ pack dynamics yet that’s supposed to position riders more consistently across devices?

Just watching the Zwift classics and I hope this isn’t the improvement?

Visually they are first but their position jumps all over the place, even to 9th at one point?

Looks to me like the nearby riders list is just manifesting one of its many, many bugs here. If you look at the riders listed below the selected one, their order seems pretty consistent in both screenshots both on the list and the avatars, so the 9th position probably comes from 8 other riders somewhere on the route being momentarily analyzed (incorrectly) as further ahead.

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I thought they said the new rider dynamics wasn’t going to be activated right away, but is in the code. This looks like no change, except that the rider list is maybe a little more out of sync with the animation - which I’ve found in my races since the update as well.

Yeah, I don’t think they have started using the new Pack Dynamics and I believe they will be testing then on specific group rides.

Similar thing happened in the race with Vujasin, he was on the front of the group, position jumping between 6th to 9th place. Then he got a 10m gap and was suddenly first. All captured nicely by ZCL!

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Any information on when the new pack dynamics will be released, or when it will be tested with the public?

There’s almost never any prior information about anything


When it comes to pack dynamics because its not client update related I doubt we will even get much or indeed any information during or after either .

I thought left/right was client side with fore/aft done on their servers, certainly not sure though?

When watching other people’s streams it makes me a little seasick but when I’m racing I’m ok. Probably as I’m just focusing more on my own avatar.

Wasnt even a hint of it on the PD 3 test rides and that was server side.

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