Watts latency? Slingshotting back and forth through pack

I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this. When riding in a pack, after giving a big effort and getting to the front, I’ll ease off, but I am continuing to slingshot off the front of the group for 10-15 seconds. Then easing back into the pack, I really have to bring the watts back up early, otherwise I can get shot out of the back, and it seems to take a while for the game to catch up to my effort. Then rinse and repeat: I find that I am often slingshotting back and forth, riding (too) easy at the front, but then working harder than usual just to stay in the pack.

It seems like there is pretty big latency, where the game is slow in responding to effort. Am I alone on this? I know they updated the draft algorithm not long ago.

I think what you are experiencing relates to the new(ish) Pack Dynamics (but maybe not).

I find I have to finesse my power a lot more and if I am not careful, I’ll overshoot out the front or get dropped super-quick. I’ve never ridden on the road, only gravel/cx racing but suspect the dynamics are a little more realistic. Its fine in a race as I am generally concentrating, but group rides are a tad more challenging when the focus is socially based.

Here’s a thread which captures a lot of the discussion Pack Dynamics …

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