Pacer Bot Route Glitches

For the past 2 weeks, everytime I join a Pacer Bot ride, it starts out fine and then starts glitching after mile 2. Graphics start in slow motion, riding is still possible until it freezes. My connection didn’t drop, Apple iPad 10th gen only 10% memory used (I only use it for Zwift). I have absolutely no issues riding Group Rides, Races, the Climbing Portal… only Pacer Rides have this issue.


Empty bikes, riders disappeared during ride with Bernie

This is generally caused by CPU exhaustion on the device running Zwift. Large groups of riders tend to increase load on the system, so that’s where I would expect it to happen the most.

HI Paul, thank you. Why would that be happening now in the past 2 weeks with Pacer Rides, but not in the past year running Zwift on my iPad? It doesn’t make sense to me, it’s like something changed in Zwift, all else with my devices is unchanged.

My guess is either something changed with your device that you’re not aware of, or a game change increased the CPU requirements to a point where it’s struggling to keep up. But a 10th generation iPad is a fairly new device and I would expect it to be adequate. If you have video screenshots enabled that might increase load a little. There is an option to disable it in settings (if it’s rolled out to your device). If you haven’t tried rebooting the iPad that would also be a good idea. You could also try deleting Zwift and reinstalling it, and if that doesn’t help erase the tablet and restore it. There are CPU monitoring apps available that could tell you if something other than Zwift is consuming a lot of CPU resources, and you can often tell by going to Settings → Battery and scroll down to see battery usage by app. That usually matches the things using the most CPU.

It’s always worth checking that there’s plenty of free storage on your device of choice as well.

Just as a general housekeeping thing, really.

Zwift 1.44 just showed up on my iPhone so check if you’ve got that update as well

thank you. I have only used 25GB of 256GB or 10%. I have 90% available storage space.

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Thanks, I hope it’s available to my devices as well.

Hey @Kristen_Schultz !

I hadn’t put two and two together but I’ve been noticing issues on AppleTV as well - @Paul_Southworth suggested these issues might be related.

My thread is over here: ATV v.1.44.0 bugs - choppy frame-rate, lockup, possible video screenshot correlation

I would start by disabling Video Screenshots, as well as Route & Segment Holo Replay to try to reduce CPU load. Doing that got me farther than I did previously but eventually it got choppy again, after a sprint PR, which may have triggered an auto-screenshot.