Pace Riders in Workout Mode

(Allan MacInnis) #1

In workout mode, the power readings fluctuate quite a bit (perhaps it should use 3s or 10s average, but that’s a different feature request).  I have done my best to stay near my target wattage, but it can be difficult.

It would be great if a pacer appeared along side me at the beginning of my workout, and that pacer is dedicated to me.  As long as I keep up with the pacer, I will achieve the goal for the interval/workout.


(Pete GameCock WBR (D)) #2

I would love to have a pacer also. I have found the hardest segments to complete successfully are the rest intervals at 80w, 100w, etc. With a pacer and a little more leeway on the averages, it might be easier.

(John Murphy) #3

I was going to post something like this, some way to know how far over/under you are for the current interval in terms of average power.

I’m using laps on my Garmin to see the average power as a workaround but would much rather be looking at Zwift!

(ben muriel) #4

This is just a plain good idea.  it would add to the game effect, and would keep me focused.

(Erik Wiechers) #5

Nice one, i just submitted this question to Zwift. I would love to have a pacer by my side.

(anon51943766) #6

It would be fantastic!! For an interval of 300w, for example, a pacer at 300w could appear and you have to follow it. In addition, I think that power average of 3s is more usefull that 1s one.

(Tim Dixon) #7


A simple and obvious game changer. It would enable effective workouts in SIM mode. I have too many cadence issues in ERG mode with the Kickr Snap  

(Wheelbrother 1) #8

Yes! Any update on this question of the pacer? They have a machine at the health club called expresso that uses one and it is great.