Pace Partners FAQ [August 2020]

I see them now…

poor coco, eternally lapping on tempus fugit. give her better scenery!

I wouldn’t mind see her and Bowie swap… would like to do some Tempus at 3.2-4 :slight_smile:

Please alternate their routes! I’m not strong enough to follow the A and B bots, I’m tired of Tempus Fugit, however now that all 4 seem to be riding at the same time more often I should finally be able to give Dan a try.

Was just riding with Bowie. First lap went fine w/kg seemed to be within the expected range. The second lap however… Bowie drilled it the entire lap doing 5.2 w/kg and blew the entire group apart. Not sure if this is expected behavior or a bug.

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I’d more just want the A bot NOT riding through the dirt/jungle. I hate that route with the dirt. Put it on Magnificent 8 or some other longer-ish route with moderate/light climbing.

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Hi @Jim_Hollow welcome to Zwift forums.

It’s not August 29, right? Turns out Bowie was feeling frisky and flexed on y’alls for that one ride. Sorry about that - I checked with his human - shouldn’t happen again.


Are Zwift people running these manually? :joy:


It says diesel dan 1-2.4w/kg … today i rode 45min with him and dan held 1.5w/kg all the time…uphill or down …same… is this normal?


Yes, this is the normal way they work. We never know exactly how fast they are going until you join them, unfortunately, it would be nice to see their current w/kg on the join screen. They don’t increase for hills, just a steady pace the entire time.

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yeah, but it just doesnt feel natural…it would be nice if he rides more dynamic…1-1.5w on downhill and 2-2.4w uphill etc…


And Coco Cadence rides at 2.6, that’s too big of a gap between pace partners. 1.5 - 2.6, really this is the best zwift can do …

There is too big of a pace difference between pace partners … DD rides at 1.5 and CC rides at 2.6 REALLY this is best you can do Zwift, SAD!!

Yup because I’m sure this is just really simple to build. These are a futureworks release which means it’s very much a Beta version. But zwift will let the community use the feature at this stage.

Rode with the C bot today over 2h 30 mins and little thing I noticed:

The group around the bot is so big that I have a tough time staying close enough. Despite paying a lot attention it happened me a few times that I was too far away (as of the big group+draft) that I couldn’t get back in time.

It felt like if you are 10 seconds more than 10 metres away, the drop multiplier immediately resets.

Suggestion: Increase the distance to 20 metres and/or allow up to 20 seconds instead of 10 to get close again.



I think it would be helpful for the pace bot to have a gold arrow overhead like a group ride leader. Coco can be sometimes plain hard to pick out from the bunch.


Yes +1 !

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That would help indeed.

Plus, if you are too far away from the bot you get a message to return/get closer. No matter if you are x metres in front or behind, the graphic always shows you behind the bot. Would make sense to show either in front or behind, because sometimes I wasn’t even sure if I am ahead (slow down) or behind (speed up).


Yes +1 also !

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I think it’s even more harsh than that. Either that or there are some bugs in the multiplier code.

I did a ride with Diesel Dan yesterday, and I was paying close attention to my distance. I never got more than 5m away (according to my UI). As I watched the multiplier go up from 1.8 to 2.0 it actually reset back to 1.0. I was only 3m in front of Dan at the time.