Pace Partners FAQ [August 2020]

They will be back out soon, they are working on rowing and will have bots out right after that


Might be time to start spamming those VC lads who shelled $400mil+ into Zwift to let them know our displeasure and that features aren’t reliable (nor is leadership)

Oh no! The Eric Min Kiss of Death.

I guess pace partners won’t be back until 2021 then.


They’ll be back around the same time they implement the new UI and above category warning system to races that they tested early this year. Min said all of these were coming soon.


And rowing!

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+1 to the comments mourning the temporary loss of Pace Partners.

Coco, I miss your one-liners and drafting your wheel.

PS – If your team ever needs a UX Researcher (with a masters in design for health and experience with 90million users), I volunteer as tribute.


It’s a beta feature

Funny, basically all features they’ve released in the last 6 months have been beta features, and the ones that aren’t (fence) were already existing features that they broke.


I wonder what exactly is/was the issue anyway? I don’t recall anyone reporting any bugs with them, and suddenly they’re gone for a week.

I think team building. :sunglasses:

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The day before they disappeared Coco was seen slacking at Diesel Dan type W/kg. There were at least several posts here and at Reddit with complaints.

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I had an instance after the update (only once) of one of them cruising along nicely then suddenly stopped and let us go for about 30 seconds, then started going again. Also had survey pop up, but when I went to back out of doing it and continue ride, it dropped the ride completely. Not sure what other problems people had.

Only tried them for 5-10mins each time so not extensive time to use them.

Did update, they arent back from team building yet

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Awesome! Will each pace bot be available 24/7? I really hope so. Please!!!

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Pace Partners will return this week after we’ve given version 1.0.56501 a couple days to become available to all OS platforms globally. iOS and Apple TV in particular take a little longer to propagate to Apple’s servers worldwide.

A week without Coco felt like forever, didn’t it? We thank you for your patience.


Thanks Shuji.

Somobedy in Apple was missing Coco, because update is available on iPad and iPhone to install. The same in Google :slight_smile:


Great news!

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Hey all - Pace Partners will return in a few short hours at October 7 @ 22:30 PDT / October 8 @ 05:30 UTC. We will resume your regularly scheduled bot-programming as shown in the first post above.

It’s important that you are on the latest game build v1.0.56501.

This is especially true for Android, iOS and Apple TV users who may have auto-update disabled - please follow these instructions to manually update.

AND YOU GUYS: following their hiatus, up to 4 Pace Partners will be running at any given time. There will be occasions when the pacebots need to take a pee break, so don’t be entirely surprised when you see less than four. :wink:


Have you got a rough schedule of when they are available?