Where is the Pacer Bot?

Hi all,

After the latest update a few days ago, Zwift removed the Pacer Bots. Since Zwift made a huge hullabaloo about the new improved Bots - They are gawnnn!

What is going on?

Temp disabled to resolve some issues

Bear in mind this is a futueworks/beta feature

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They are coming back this week.


I hope so.

Love the pacers! Esp Amelia Anquetil,

So where are the pacer boys? Are they coming back?

Supposed to be coming back next week.

Actually they’re back now.

any one seen the bots today?
non e available 15:32 london time

I don’t see them available right now either on my Android phone which hasn’t got the new update yet.

I’ve new update on my apple tv and iPhone companion app, no pacer bots