Pace Partners FAQ [August 2020]

Yes +1 also !

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I think it’s even more harsh than that. Either that or there are some bugs in the multiplier code.

I did a ride with Diesel Dan yesterday, and I was paying close attention to my distance. I never got more than 5m away (according to my UI). As I watched the multiplier go up from 1.8 to 2.0 it actually reset back to 1.0. I was only 3m in front of Dan at the time.


Shane Miller did a video on this. The multiplier bonus does cycle. It doesn’t keep going up indefinitely, and it doesn’t stay at the top level. It resets back to 1.0 and starts a new cycle.

No, that’s not the behaviour I saw or described.

I believe the intended behaviour is what Shane describes:

1.0 - 1.2 - 1.4 - 1.6 - 1.8 - 2.0 - 2.5 - slow decay back to 1.0

But what I saw was:

1.0 - 1.2 - 1.4 - 1.6 - 1.8 - instant reset to 1.0

Yep, 1st time riding with Diesel Dan this morning and he was 1.5 watts the entire time. My pace was so varied that I never got past the x1.0 bonus drops.

The number of riders around the Pace Partner effects your speed due to drafting. Sure, Diesel Dan stays at 1.5 the entire time, but here I am adjusting from 0.8 thru 2.3 with uphills, downhills, folks sprinting, etc.

The Pace Partners is a nice feature, but I would prefer a personal best bot that you cannot draft. I’m sure that’s on the Zwift roadmap for release in 2026.


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Has anyone figured out the pattern for when Pace Partners take their “break”? It looks like they now regularly go beyond 24 hours, but I’m unsure when (and for how long) they stop before respawning. I’m asking because I’m planning to do a very long ride with CoCo and I wanted to time it to avoid her break.

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instant reset some time after achieving 2.5 for me

Pace Partners seem to be randomly disappearing today. Am I the only one seeing this?


CoCo randomly disappeared during my ride today. Also, in the companion app she didn’t have any stats listed (as if she hadn’t been riding) and she wasn’t available to select at the start of the ride (even though she was riding).


Ditto. Haven’t seen pace partners as an option to select in last 36+ hours. Running iPad on latest ios and latest Zwift version. Very frustrating, because there’s crap-all for Cat B scheduled rides, and I don’t feel like making every day race day.

+1. I was looking to ride with Coco yesterday around this time (7:30pm UTC) but none of the Pace Partners were to be found.

yesterday I rode with coco, no indication of rider lest , just an Australian flag, there were a hundred riders within ± 5 seconds, “impossible” to see coco unless you were next to her.
Nearby riders unusable. Need to show on Companion app. Very difficult to see on mini map, especially with so many riders.

yesterday so many riders around coco ( 100 or so within ± 5sec), although `coco was at a constant 2.5,
I needed to do only 1.9 to keep up in strong draft.

yesterday a few time coco’s icon went haywire ( like when you loose internet) but no one else, she re-appeared someway behind, and the stay-with-pacer credits were all zeroed.

I rode with Coco and made it all the way to 2.5X. Then I discovered a nice Groupetto running at 40 km/hr in front of Coco and hung with them for the rest of an hour. The way I managed to stay with Coco was to watch the “stay with Pace Partner” notice and watch the distance. I would drift for a moment it distance increased I knew she was in front of me. Or I would pedal fiercely for a couple of seconds and see what that did to the distance.

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@Shuji_Sakai as a keen pace partner user (the best thing to have happened in Zwift for those of us stuck for years at level 50) - Coco - what’s changed? I really like the new game update additions to the bots and at the same time - the multiplier seems to have changed? Also, Coco’s pace is weird of late and people are commenting. How about putting her on a TT bike, where we can draft but Coco is constant? Ride on.

This updates are all great, but i have another suggestion… how about the option to jump to another pace partner in the middle of the ride? So im riding nicely with coco for an hour or so, and then i want a harder workout, so i just click a button which transfer me to amelia group… would love that option!


This comment has been made a number of times. I wonder if the issue with this, though, would be the GPS positioning ‘jump’ to get from one PP to another. That might cause some issues. I suppose, though, that the logic could be built into the game to effectively ‘end’ the ride with the first PP and ‘start’ a new ride with the second PP. But, then again, this wouldn’t be much different than allowing users to start a new route without completely exiting the game, which has been on the request list forever, but doesn’t seem very high on Zwift’s to-do list. :wink:

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Hey all - just a quick update. We love how our Pace Partners have become so well loved so quickly, and Amelia Anquetil and friends are here to stay! We’ve shortened their names in the Home Screen to reflect what you see as you ride and they hope to ride with you in Watopia soon!