Pace Partner Toggling?

I dont think C Cadence is a current pace partner??

I just followed a bunch of them from recent’ish PP rides (not TdZ) following Paul’s suggestion as well and had no issues. It looks like Zwift setup one per World but I got bored trying to confirm (for example, I followed 2 Coco’s, 2 Maria’s etc).

I wouldn’t bother selecting them from the Zwifters list in CA - each PP has about 30 versions of itself.

That’s the old Coco. The two Coco’s who ride around Watopia and Makuri are both called C Coco.

Got it now. I’ll try it and see how it goes. Thanks

Not sure this was mentioned, but how about a “catch up” button or power up or something. You could start ride with your preferred RP, do you warmup, the hit “catch-up”. You would still end up with a straight line jump in the ride, but is would only be one activity.

Almighty pause button!

Plot twist: pauses the game for everyone :rofl: