Pace Partner Tab not showing on the Home Screen

Good day All

The last week or so I have noticed that the Pace Partner tab / option is not showing on the home screen. I have restarted Zwift a couple of times, also rebooted my laptop a couple of times. Some days it will show on the home screen, other days nothing. When querying my Zwift friends they all can see the Pace Partners tab.

Please advise on a solution,


Can you send a screenshot?

Have you tried to do a reinstall to see if it makes any difference?

Not yet. Seems I need to perform a “clean-up” and fresh install after every Zwift update that is pushed out.

I’ll behave on this platform and not “voice” my opinion regarding this matter.

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Non-opinion noted! Sorry for the added hassle but please let me know if it helps the situation at all.

Clean install performed, and it worked on the 1st start-up. When I closed Zwift, and opened it again. Pace Partner was missing again …

Very odd. Would you mind contacting support and sending on your log file?

I think I found the cause for this problem. When a person “hacks” Zwift in order to change the default World, the Pace Partner tab disappear. Restore the default world back to Watopia, and the Pace Partner tab is back.


Ah, good to know. Thanks!

Hi! I also have this issue. SO how do change it back to the default world Watopia?

The latest Zwift update has changed the layout of the Home Screen. There is no longer a single tab for the “Pace Partner” option (see Image 1). You need to scroll down on the Home Screen in order to see all the Pace Partners, each with their own Tab (see Image 2).

Image 1

Image 2

If you have been “hacking” the Worlds / Maps, then I suggest you use the zwift-preferences App in order to reset to default.

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Thanks for this. Lol! I did not know about the update. LOL!
NO I did not hacked the worlds…

Is there any way to access pace partners past 2.0 W/kg?
Logging after a summer away I can’t figure out how to move across the pace partners menu. Changing scaling to small gets me maybe one more (changing scaling does make the more workouts option appear/dissapear) Looking at your image 2 I think it looks similar with more options to the right missing?

Poor photo of what I am trying to describe attached. I will update qith a screenshot when next back at my computer.

[quote=“Justin Kitney [DIRT], post:14, topic:587412, username:Justin_Kitney_DIRT_M”]
Is there any way to access pace partners past 2.0 W/kg?

Hi @Justin_Kitney_DIRT_M - just drag the screen with mouse (click on card first) or use cursor keys to navigate around.