Cannot see pace partner on home screen

I cannot see the pace partners on the home screen. That is, there is no way to access them.

What platform are you running Zwift on? If you have the new home screen you probably just need to scroll it horizontally to see more panes to the right.

I read somewhere that if you use “world hack” they don’t appear.

Thanks! Am running it on Windows (Dell laptop). For whatever reason, I can’t scroll to right. The whole thing seems like an oversimplified–and less user friendly–version of what it once was. Any help appreciated.

Any idea what a “world hack” is? Or where to correct it? I plead ignorance.

You should be able to use the arrow keys to scroll. Or possibly a two-finger touchpad gesture if you can’t simply click and drag with a mouse.

It’s something you can do to access maps which are not available today, but if you didn’t know it, it’s probably not the case.

Thank you! The arrow keys! There is no bar at bottom of page, nor did the mouse work. I hadn’t thought of the arrow keys. That works. I’m at level 49 and thought I was going to have to give up on Zwift entirely out of my current predicament and would never reach 50. But I guess I’m saved for now.

For what it’s worth, I liked the old layout a lot better.