Need horizontal scrolling on new home screen

I can’t select pace partners and events, etc from the new home screen beyond the 4 visible, in rows with more than 4 items in them. That is because my computer doesn’t have horizontal scrolling on the touchpad, and there is no horizontal scroll bar provided. I can do the tab trick but that takes forever. Please consider adding a simple horizontal scroll bar to this screen/page.

Can you click and hold one of the cards, and drag to the left?
That should allow it to scroll.

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You can also use your cursor keys, if the “drag” method Dan suggested doesn’t work or suit.

Also, play around with Scaling in the Settings menu if you haven’t already.

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Same, this is incredibly stupid.

I’m riding rollers using a Bluetooth mouse 6 feet away trying to switch groups. I don’t have a keyboard I don’t have the dexterity while riding to click and hold. Just add scroll bars please zwift or understand the throwing of the mouse to the right or have pace partners heading clickable to show the entire array. I have the display setting set to extra small on a 50” tv. It’s too fussy of a design right now when a person is at 130bpm trying to manipulate the interface.