Home screen UX - missing navigation options for pace partners

I assume you get a lot of complaints about the new interface. First, it’s prettier than the old, but it’s not as user friendly in some aspects. I hope you find this feedback helpful.

I am on a windows 10 PC tower and monitor. Imagine if you will that I am on my bike ready to select my riding experience. I reach down for the mouse on the table next to me. When I see I can’t see all the pace partners, I look for a “view all” block. But I can’t reach it. No scroll bars. So, I reach for the keyboard and tab. Things go downhill from there.

Starting with tab, as that is the webpage way. I quickly learned that I had to hit the tab button 5 extra times to get the focus to change to the next block in events. Seeing that I had to do that for all blocks between the menu and the pace partner list, I stopped.

Then I tried the arrows. Again, thinking left to right, I tried the right arrow. It only moved across the top menu. I pondered it some more and tried the down arrow. That worked. Adding the right arrow, I got to the end and learned that was no “view all” block to click.

Holy crap! I am a web dev designer and WCAG tester. Can you image someone who isn’t used to tabs and arrows trying to figure this out?

Solution? Add menu item to view all pace partners. Or, fix the block layout so that the blocks wrap, thus displaying all the possible blocks including the the “view all” blocks.

thanks for your consideration

Cindy I’m sorry but in this day and age, no I can’t imagine. ( and I’m bl…. old)

Have you tried return and esc, you might possibly be surprised what they will do. :joy:

Haha. The point is, the UX could be more intuitive. :person_shrugging:


Even something like arrow icons for changing position within each carousel would help…